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Brian Karry
3454 Autumn Drive
Pottstown, PA 19446
(614) 331-5076
To obtain a volunteer service position in the Peace Corps’ Agriculture Program
University of Delaware, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Newark, DE
May 2013
Bachelor of Science, Plant and Soil Science
Concentration: Landscape Horticulture
Related Course Work:
Spanish I-III, Botany, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Soil Science, Plant Nutrition, Turf
Establishment and Maintenance, Native/non-Native Plant Identification, Landscape Construction,
Surveying, Wildlife Ecology
Related Experience:
University of Delaware Botanic Gardens, Newark, DE
September 2009 – May 2013
Garden Manager/Intern Supervisor
Supervised interns and volunteers performing garden planting and maintenance
Maintained health and aesthetics of turf, planting beds, and nursery
Gained exposure to wide variety of woody and herbaceous plant cultivars
Rhoads Garden Center, North Wales, PA
April 2006 – September 2012
Horticulturist/Nursery Salesman
Consulted homeowners and landscape contractors on selection of appropriate plant
material based on specific site and soil conditions
Performed diagnosis and treatment of specific plant pathological disorders and soil
fertility issues pertaining to landscape and vegetable plants
Installed numerous ($35,000+) landscapes and hardscape features including patios,
walls, and ponds
Ruppert Landscape, Penn. Branch, King of Prussia, PA
June – August 2011
Managed a 2-3 man crew responsible for the maintenance of numerous $15,000+
commercial and industrial landscape contracts
Communicated with clients to ensure health and aesthetics of turf and planting beds
Assisted in daily servicing of all power equipment used by crews
Attended branch, regional, and corporate-wide meetings pertaining to safety, budget
and company operations
Volunteer Experience:
Completed nutrient management plan for conversion of university woodlot to commercial barley
production (
February 2013 – May 2013)
Volunteer at University of Delaware Botanic Garden Plant Sale (
April 2012, April 2013)
Proficient in operation of mid-size wheel loader and mid-size tractor
Basic knowledge of Spanish language
Experience in isolating/culturing bacterial, fungal, and nematode plant pathogens
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