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The Sport Management major is designed for students interested in a career in the over $200 billion sport industry. Sport Management majors will take essential business courses that will enable them to develop quantitative analysis skills and an understanding of essential business concepts and theories as well as courses that are specific to the Sport Management discipline. Sport Management courses include sport marketing, sport finance, legal aspects of Sport Management, ethics in sport, and international Sport Management. Students may also take elective courses in the areas of administration of intercollegiate athletics, sporting event and facility management, and media relations in sport. Students are required to complete a nine credit internship during their senior year and are encouraged to volunteer with the UD Athletic Department and other sport organizations during the semester and over summers. The goal is for students to gain as much practical experience as possible while also developing a professional network within the sport industry. 

Employment opportunities for Sport Management graduates are diverse and rewarding. Opportunities include professional and minor league sports, intercollegiate athletics, high school athletics, international and national sport governing bodies, sport agencies, sport marketing and event management firms, sport facilities, national and international governing bodies, and businesses that use sports to market their products. There are also opportunities for graduates to launch entrepreneurial ventures. Within these environments, graduates can work in the competency areas of marketing; management; human resource management; facility operations; ticketing; sponsorship sales; publicity, media and community relations, and accounting and legal functions. Over time and through hard work, graduates can attain career goals such as athletic director, general manager, organization or team president, or owner of a sport related business. Also, graduates are prepared to pursue graduate studies in Sport Management, law school, and other disciplines.

Having a passion for sport is not enough to succeed in Sport Management. A student must be prepared to be challenged academically and to be committed to gaining practical experience outside the classroom. In pursuing a career in sport management, a student must not view sport as a hobby, but rather as a profession. Lastly, a student must be prepared to work hard to excel professionally in the highly competitive sport industry.

Interested students are encouraged to stop by the department office, 004 Purnell Hall, (302) 831-6680, email Dr. Matthew Robinson at, visit the departmental website at :  or contact the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics Office of Undergraduate Advising, 102 Purnell Hall, (302) 831-4369.

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