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Public Policy

The School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA) offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy that provides students the opportunity to examine complex public issues and the policies developed to address them.  The Public Policy degree integrates concepts across disciplines such as Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Education, Leadership, History, and Law.  The Public Policy degree equips students with the tools to examine and understand the purpose and impacts of public policies that address the social, economic, political and environmental conditions affecting communities in the U.S. and globally. Within a liberal arts context, the program focuses on building core skills and professional dispositions so students can effectively take on public policy roles of responsibility that contribute to communities and society at large. 


Under the guidance of an interdisciplinary faculty and through field-based learning activities, students will develop the capacity to engage in policy analysis and policy formation and gain knowledge and skills that will help them to understand social issues and policy impact on equity, democracy, and the viability of people and places. The degree is designed to develop students’ curiosity, confidence, and engagement through the direct interaction with challenging, real-world issues and with those whose responsibility it is to address them. 


As a result, Public Policy majors will learn how to effect change in the public, nonprofit and private sectors, specifically preparing them to be entry-level policy analysts, public officials, and community/ civic leaders. Majors will also be prepared for graduate work in law, public administration, environmental studies, public policy, and health care administration as well as being able to pursue Masters and Ph.D. degrees in the School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA).


Students who wish to change from another major in the University are encouraged to contact the Undergraduate Program Office, 182 Graham Hall, for more information.


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