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Psychology is the scientific study behavior, thought, emotion, and motivation. Psychologists do research and also apply knowledge to individual and social problems. The Psychology Department offers courses in research methods; statistics; abnormal behavior; learning and cognition; physiological, social and developmental psychology; and personality; including the application of computer techniques to psychology-related activities. Undergraduate psychology majors do not specialize but are exposed to all areas of the field. Doctoral programs in psychology are becoming increasingly competitive; however, doctoral degrees are not always needed in order to practice as a counselor or therapist. Students interested in becoming licensed counselors or therapists must earn at least a master’s degree, which includes several hundred hours of supervised practice. Because psychology is a liberal arts major, a variety of jobs are open to those with bachelor's degrees. Possibilities exist in education, industrial and government laboratories, in personnel and related work in business and industry, some types of counseling, job analysis, corrections and social service agencies. Because psychology provides a comprehensive understanding of human behavior, the scientific background and quantitative reasoning abilities of graduates are appealing to a variety of employers. Employers are interested in hiring people who can use computers effectively in working on problems whose solutions require psychological knowledge and training (e.g., data processing concerned with the development and evaluation of psychological action and treatment programs). For more information, contact Dr. Beth Morling at, or visit our advisement website and office hours HERE.

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