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Political Science

Political science is the study of governments - their procedures and policies - and the political behavior of citizens and officials. Governments might include nation states or the sub-units of government such as counties, states, provinces etc. Power and conflict are frequent topics of study but so are the means used to make collective and policy decisions such as elections and legislative voting. In studying these topics, political scientists use a variety of theoretical approaches and research methods.

Students of political science will develop the ability to conceptualize, to think analytically, and to communicate effectively. Thus, it provides good preparation for law school or administration, urban affairs, and other social sciences. Frequent areas of employment following graduation include teaching, public relations, government service at the federal, state or local level, lobbying with interest groups or businesses, policy research, journalism, and campaign work (polling, media relations etc.). In addition, a large number of graduates go into business- marketing, personnel, advertising, banking and finance. Another career avenue is with non-profit agencies who are frequently the recipients of contract to perform services funded by government. Relatively few students are hired as "political scientist" since few jobs specifically call for this specialization. Graduates with computer skills or training in a specialized policy area or policy analysis in general are most likely to find government jobs. Students seeking more information should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, 347 Smith Hall or (302) 831-2355.

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