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Physics deals with the properties and laws of matter, motion, heat, light and electricity to develop a quantitative understanding of the physical world. In addition to expanding our knowledge about the universe we live in, research in physics has led to the development of many devices for the benefit of mankind.

As a basic science, the results of research in physics have also had an impact on a wide variety of other fields, such as medicine, engineering, chemistry, ecology and archaeology. Because of the varied applications of physics in various careers, a flexible degree program is offered.

Many physics graduates continue study in graduate school, after which they may work as professional physicists in industry, universities or government laboratories.

For those interested in careers in research or industrial science, astronomy, meteorology, marine sciences, biophysics, geophysics or the health sciences, the B.S. degree provides a good background for employment as lab technicians, field researchers and production assistants or for graduate study. A large fraction of Delaware's bachelor of science graduates continue their education in these or related areas such as mathematics, engineering or chemistry.

Students who desire a general background in physics as a foundation for careers in medicine, law or business may pursue the B.A. degree, which allows for the study of courses in other disciplines.

The department of 33 faculty members provides a complete undergraduate program covering all aspects of physics through course and laboratory work. Most students in their junior or senior years enter a research participation program. Students who have mathematical ability and have a strong analytical or experimental bent, who enjoy working with mechanical, optical and electronic equipment can be successful in the study of physics.

If you are interested in finding out more about physics, contact the Department of Physics and Astronomy, 217 Sharp Laboratory, or call (302) 831-8116.

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