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Philosophy deals with the deepest and most important questions in human life and experience: what is real, what is valuable, what is a person, what is thought, what is truth, how should one live. These are difficult questions that have been written about by some of the greatest thinkers in human history. Philosophy is the discipline that directly addresses these questions. So the serious study of philosophy is difficult but very worthwhile, both for itself and because it leaves students much better able to think and reason about any topics, not just philosophical ones.

Students who want to understand the philosophical foundations of, e.g., politics, literature, art, science, religion and in fact any serious intellectual endeavor will benefit from studying philosophy. And the pursuit of any career that demands clear reasoning and critical thought will be enhanced by the study of philosophy. Some philosophy students go on to graduate study in philosophy, of course, but careers in law, journalism, teaching and the like are also possible. (Even comedy. Steve Martin was a philosophy major.)

The Philosophy Department has fourteen faculty members, participates in the Delaware Interdisciplinary Ethics Program and in the Science, Ethics and Public Policy Program, and sponsors numerous lectures and conferences. There is also a student-run philosophy club.

For further information, contact the Department office at 24 Kent Way, call (302) 831-2359, or see our web site:

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