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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is designed to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills essential for the practice of professional nursing and to provide the basis for graduate education. The program is designed to enhance students' critical thinking, leadership skills and the ability to work as an integral part of an interdisciplinary team.

The first year of the program includes foundation courses in the natural, social and behavioral sciences, and liberal arts. Each subsequent year increases the nursing content and coursework and culminates in a senior year of clinical residency in direct care clinical agencies. During clinical rotations, students are exposed to many different experiences in a variety of healthcare settings. Students graduate as nurse generalists with experiences in pediatric, maternity, psychiatric, medical-surgical, and community health nursing.

The Baccalaureate for the Registered Nursing major is an innovative program designed to build on basic nursing knowledge, enhancing nursing practice in an increasingly complex society. The BRN major is offered in a distance learning format to maximize educational opportunities for registered nurses. Applicants for this major must be graduates of an associate degree nursing program or a diploma nursing program and hold a current nursing license. For further information about the BRN major call (302) 831-4549. The Accelerated Second Degree Program is a course of study for individuals who have a previously earned degree in another field and would like to pursue a career in nursing. Students in this program must complete all of the non-nursing requirements by transfer credit from their first degree, completion of coursework at the University of Delaware or by transfer of pre-approved equivalent courses from other accredited institutions. The program begins in the fall with courses. In January, students begin their full time studies with a five week winter session, fall semester, and concluding with the following January winter session.

During clinical rotations, students are exposed to many different experiences in a variety of health care settings. These include the major hospitals in New Castle County as well as regional community hospitals, a variety of extended care facilities, independent living facilities, and various community-based providers who offer a range of services across the life span.

Students choosing to pursue graduate study may specialize in many clinical or nurse practitioner areas. Call (302) 831-2381, the School of Nursing, for more information.

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