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Music is a phenomenon common to all societies, a richly diverse experience that is used in many ways. Music can be a form of communication, artistic expression, entertainment, therapy and worship.

The Department of Music offers instruction in the theoretical, creative, practical and historical aspects of music. A music major can specialize in performance, theory, composition or education while seeking a Bachelor of Music degree. The study of history and literature is emphasized in the bachelor of arts program.

Some graduates go on to teach in public schools, but other possibilities exist. There are limited openings in professional performance, music industry and sales, music library science, music therapy, music criticism, church music, music editing for television and radio, and college teaching. Many of these professions require graduate study and some, such as performance, are limited to the most talented.

Further information about the music program can be obtained from Paul D. Head, Chair, Music Department, 209 Amy duPont Music Building, (302) 831-2578.

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