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Management Information Systems

Students with an MIS major or minor don’t just understand technology: they understand how technology can best be used by businesses. The focus of technology within a business context differentiates MIS from other IT-related disciplines, such as computer science and computer information systems. The study of MIS includes a study of core technology concepts but differs from traditional computer science in that MIS concentrates on the application and management of information systems in business. Students graduate with a unique combination of technology, management, and business skills that position them favorably to design and apply computerized information systems solutions to business problems and align them with strategic business objectives.The MIS Major may also qualify you for certain computer science positions within US Army civilian laboratories. If you are interested in Computer Science positions in the federal government and do not possess a Computer Science degree, please contact the MIS advisor.

Management Information Systems (MIS) Students: Become experts in IT concepts, tools, and management; Learn how to leverage technology to provide a competitive advantage for today’s connected world; and work with faculty who are experts in the management, development, and use of information technology.

MIS Major and Minor students participate in the MIS Projects Course each spring.  Student teams work with local businesses to solve a real business problem.  This celebrated course provides opportunities for students to interact with a real client and transition into the business world.

Interested students are encouraged to stop by the department office, 206 Purnell Hall, visit the departmental website at, call at (302) 831-2961; or contact the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics Office of Undergraduate Advising, 102 Purnell Hall, (302) 831-4369.

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