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Medical Diagnostics & Medical Diagnostics with the Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration

Medical Diagnostics:

The Medical Diagnostics major is a clinical-oriented science program that incorporates the basic science courses required for admission to various health-related graduate programs. The curriculum includes medical-related courses that focus on the diagnosis and therapy of disease. The curriculum for this major includes the study of laboratory analysis and how laboratory data correlates to human disease, but does not include the intensive accompanying laboratory courses of the medical laboratory science major. The major is intended for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in a health-related field.

Typical career paths for students in this major include careers in medicine, dentistry, optometry, and physician assistant. Students who are interested in this major typically familiarize themselves with research as well as gain extra-curricular experiences that expose them to the health profession of interest. Students who are interested in these post-graduate healthcare programs should familiarize themselves with the admissions requirements of the programs in which they have interest.

Medical Diagnostics with the Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration:

For those students who are interested in becoming a physician assistant, the medical diagnostics major can be combined with the pre-physician assistant concentration. This concentration includes course prerequisites that are required for entry into physician assistant programs. In addition, completion of healthcare experiences outside of the classroom that allow students to gain direct patient contact hours is typically required for gaining entry into physician assistant programs. These experiences are typically gained independently and are found in hospitals, physician offices and clinics. Students who may apply to physician assistant programs should familiarize themselves with the admissions requirements of various programs.

For more information, students should contact the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, 305 Willard Hall Education Building, 831-2849 or browse the department's web site at

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