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Mathematics is both a scientific profession and a tool essential to many other scientific disciplines and careers. Applications occur in engineering, the biological and social sciences, economics, and computer science in addition to the more traditional physical sciences.

The Mathematical Sciences Department at the University offers both the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees in mathematics, and the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science in mathematics education. The mathematics degrees provide majors with a broad background suitable for either technical employment upon graduation or graduate study. The mathematics education degrees prepare the student to be a high school math teacher. In addition, the Department offers two interdisciplinary major programs, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics, and the Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Biology, offered in collaboration with the Departments of Economics and Biological Sciences, respectively. The BS in Math and Economics is ideally suited to students whose goals include graduate studies in economics, a career in actuarial work or in the financial industry. The BS in Quantitative Biology is specially suited to students who like math and biology and want to pursue and integrate both interests in their college career. Graduates of the Quantitative Biology major will be prepared for postgraduate education and a wide variety of careers in industry, medicine, public health, government, and education.

Government and industry need skilled mathematicians for work in operations research, numerical analysis, computer systems market research and commercial surveys. Jobs related to statistics, computer science, actuarial work, economics and engineering hold possibilities, especially if the student has a minor in one of these areas. The employment opportunities are best for graduates with advanced degrees in applied mathematics.

Questions about a major in mathematical sciences should be directed to Prof. Rakesh, 410 Ewing Hall, (302) 831-2910,

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Check the Dictionary of Occupational Titles under section 14 for additional related careers. For careers related to quantitative biology visit the web page for the BS in Quantitative Biology Major at

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