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Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (BALS) degree provides the opportunity for students to plan and pursue broader interdisciplinary programs than the normal major and minor, double major, or interdisciplinary major allows. The program is designed for students who have need and justification for developing their own undergraduate program within their 124-credit minimum. Instead of pursuing a major in one of the existing degree options of the College, a student in the BALS program will take a sequence of courses consistent with his/her stated educational goal and which will afford the student knowledge in some broad, interdisciplinary field. The liberal studies major provides exposure to diverse ways of thinking about and viewing the world: it sharpens critical thinking and analytical skills, hones verbal and written fluency, and builds a broad foundation of knowledge.

The BALS is, as the name suggests, a Bachelor of Arts degree for broad, but in-depth, studies of some combination of academic subjects. The program may be used to increase the breadth of one's studies in the arts, humanities, social sciences and science over what would be possible with a traditional major and electives. Emphasis should be placed on a general, well-rounded program of creative exploration even if the principal objective is to structure one's curriculum in terms of a particular career. It is the intention of the University that a student graduating with a BALS degree should be well educated, capable of pursuing advanced studies in a graduate school of his or her choice or capable of pursuing a satisfactory career.

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Sample Job Titles

Bachelor's Degree/Entry Level
Further Education/Experience Often Required

Liberal Studies majors tend to find employment in those areas of an organization where skills in writing, training, events planning, public speaking, researching, interviewing, counseling and marketing are utilized.

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