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Organizational & Community Leadership

The Organizational & Community Leadership major, part of the School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy, educates students to accept the challenge of leadership in an increasingly complex, global, and fast-paced world. Organizational & Community Leadership majors use their knowledge of leadership and quality of life issues to evaluate and mobilize collective actions that advance positive change for individuals, communities, organizations, and society. Leaders must interact with a wide variety of people in a wide variety of settings. Therefore, the program of study is broadly based, with emphases upon academic knowledge and theory, personal growth, and skill development. Organizational & Community Leadership majors take an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes courses in the humanities, social sciences, statistics and mathematics, business, and communication. Supporting the academic courses, the major prepares students with a set of skills that give them an active voice and confidence in their endeavors: team work; effective communications; decision-making; and synergistic and creative approaches to problem-solving. Graduates in Organizational & Community Leadership are prepared for careers in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Recent graduate positions include communication production, marketing coordinator, human resource specialist, lobbyist for nonprofits, corporate and community relations, organizational strategy analyst, project coordinator, corporate and public communication. Students also find success in graduate schools, particularly pursuing degrees in Public Administration, and in Law.

Student opportunities include participating in the activities of the research and public service centers in the School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy. Internships in such areas as marketing services, social service agencies, television and media, research organizations, and legislative offices are possible. International travel/study programs enhance the academic experience and provide students with a global perspective of leadership. An accelerated degree program is available for exceptional Leadership majors, leading to a Bachelor of Science and The Master of Public Administration degree in less than the usual six years.

Students interested in pursuing the Organizational & Community Leadership major should contact the Organizational & Community Leadership Program, 189 Graham Hall, (302) 831-8711,

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