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The study of history develops two skills; first, the ability to understand complex changes in society, the economy, and the government; and second, the ability to organize and express the results in written form. What are the origins of racism? How effective are government policies? How have sexual roles changed over the years and why? How did nations or civilizations interact with each other over the centuries? The practical reason for studying history is to recognize and analyze the complexity of changing forces that have created our world today. History tells a story that helps us to understand major human events and accomplishments such as the rise and fall of civilizations, the roots of cultural differences and the evolution of science and technology.

These skills are useful in many positions in public administration, business, law, journalism and museum work. Those pursuing such careers are encouraged to supplement their liberal arts studies with technical courses in areas such as journalism, government, material culture, museum studies, or business. Advanced undergraduates may intern in a government agency, historical society, or business where they apply their research and writing skills in a practical project. History also prepares students for secondary school social studies teaching, library science, historical presentation, archival management and museum studies. The University is particularly strong in the preparation of social studies teachers and in museum studies.

Interested students should contact the department chair, Dr. John Hurt, 236 John Munroe Hall, or call (302) 831-2371.

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