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Geographers investigate processes that explain the location of human and natural phenomena, as well as the interactions between people and their environment. A broad range of interests characterizes geography and reflects its position simultaneously in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Students who major in geography may, if they choose, specialize. The department has an excellent program in climatology, for instance, and research may be undertaken through its Center for Climatic Research. Other areas include environmental studies, biogeography, conservation, cultural-historical geography, urban geography and geomorphology. Computer, cartographic and other skills also are studied by geography majors. Students are required to take an introductory sequence of courses to provide a common background for all majors. During the senor year, majors may, at their option, undertake a research paper under the direction of their program advisors. A detailed brochure describing the geography program and requirements is available upon request from the department office.

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