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The Finance major focuses on learning how to make the best decisions about raising and using resources under risk.  Finance addresses many questions regarding value:  How much is a product worth?  Is a stock worth investing in?  Will expanding a business produce a sufficient return on investment?  Deciding what to do with the opportunities and resources you have or can obtain today, balanced with your business needs for tomorrow---that's what Finance is all about.

The undergraduate program in finance prepares students to assume leadership positions at all levels of financial management for careers in business, industry, government, and public or private corporations.

Those students who major in Finance will be guided through their program by an enlightened faculty who possess extensive knowledge about the field of Finance. In addition, all members of the Finance Department have excellent ties to industry and have experience in areas such as Securities Analysis, Corporate Finance and Bank Administration. The Finance major is taken beyond basic textbook education by the ability to participate in such opportunities as the "Blue Hen Investment Club" which offers students hands on analysis and trading of a "live" securities portfolio. In addition, membership and participation in the University of Delaware's chapter of the Financial Management Association (national organization) will bring the student into contact with outside speakers and corporate recruiters. Majors are taught how Financial Managers seek ways to acquire funds and put them to optimal use in order to maximize the value of a firm.

Contact the department in Room 306 Purnell Hall, (302) 831-1015, or visit their website at or contact the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics Office of Undergraduate Advising, 102 Purnell Hall, (302) 831-4369.

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