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Engineering Technology

The Engineering Technology (ET) curriculum is a rigorous combination of chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, and mathematics. Depending on the student's interest, and ET major may choose to specialize his or her studies by concentrating in either Construction Technology & Technical Management or Natural Resource Engineering Technology. In both concentrations, students choose from a wide range of courses to fulfill requirements in Technical Skills, Technical Specialization, and Technical Support. All students must also complete 21 credits of general-education, requirements in communications, social sciences, humanities, and a minor in Civil Engineering is possible with the ET major.

The employment possibilities for Engineering Technology are varied and abundant. Career areas of our graduates include design engineering, sales engineering, quality control, project management, chemical production, electrical systems, construction management, and food processing. Typical employers are government agencies, engineering consulting firms, manufacturing companies, construction contractors, and insurance companies. Some students choose to further their education after college, pursuing graduate degrees in business or engineering. Engineering Technology graduates can work towards and obtain engineering licensure in Delaware and most other states. For more information on any of our majors, contact the Office of Academic Programs at (302) 831-2508 or stop by 104 Townsend Hall.

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