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Students who major in Entomology study behavior, ecology, structure, physiology,insect identification, biological control and ways to reduce the impact of pest species. The major builds from courses in biology, chemistry, and entomology, and has flexibility in course selection, which allows students to focus on specialties like biological control, pest management or insect biology/ecology. Some students choose to pursue a minor in areas like wildlife conservation, biology, landscape horticulture and design, food and agribusiness management, and Spanish.

Entomology graduates find a wide range of employment opportunities. Integrated pest management; Biological control. Pesticide research. Forensic entomology. Environmental consulting. Nature education. These careers and more are shared by hundreds of entomology alumni. While some students enter the workforce right after college, others choose to further their education in graduate school, studying subjects like pest management, insect ecology, and genetics. Whatever your goal, we encourage you to participate in job-search workshops and career days, seek an internship, develop your communication skills, and learn to network with prospective employers.

For more information on any of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources majors, contact the Office of Academic Programs at (302) 831-2508 or stop by 104 Townsend Hall.

Sample Job Titles

Bachelor's Degree/Entry Level
Further Education/Experience Often Required

Check the Dictionary of Occupational Titles under section 041 for additional related careers.

Enhancing Employability

Some Employers of Entomology Majors

Other Sources of Information

Candid Careers

Resources for Finding Employment

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The Blue Hen Career Guide will also provide you with helpful career tools including: Skills to Develop, Strategies for Contacting Employers, Interview Strategies, and Graduate School Information.

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