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Environmental Science

The Environmental Science (ENSC) major at the University of Delaware was initiated in 1991 to provide students with the opportunity to earn a science degree that spans a variety of disciplines that relate to the natural environment. The subject is sufficiently broad that no single department can offer all the courses that are appropriate for the major. Consequently, students must take a body of core courses in Biology, Geography, and Geology, supplemented with required courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics for completion of the BS degree in ENSC. Students then take upper-level elective courses that are focused in their areas of special interest. Areas of emphasis include Climatology, Geographic Information Systems and Cartography, Mineralogy and Sedimentology, and Environmental Geology; Ecology and Environmental Biology, Sustainable Energy Technology, Marine Science, and Hydrology.

Graduating students may pursue employment in environmental planning and consulting companies and county, state and federal environmental agencies. Additionally, many students continue their studies in graduate programs in natural science programs or in policy, legal, or engineering programs.

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