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Why Communication?

Everyone communicates all the time. But, do we communicate effectively? How can we understand the vast media world that continues to expand each year with new technologies? How does communication between two people face-to-face differ from communication through devices or in groups?

We can improve the quality of those exchanges by studying human communication. That study eventually leads us to better understand our world and us. At the University of Delaware, undergraduate majors learn about communication between individuals, groups, and cultures and how those interactions relate to the vast array of media surrounding us today: mass, social, new, legacy, multimedia.

Academic Structure:
The Department of Communication integrates courses in dominant areas within the discipline: interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, organizational communication, mass communication, political communication, health communication, and public relations. Students learn to communicate through mediated technologies, public speaking, writing, class discussions, and connections with their professors. Students may apply their classroom learning to several student media or pre-professional organizations:

We offer an optional internship program for juniors and seniors to gain practical experience on-site in a professional environment, supervised by a career professional guiding our students in applying their classroom work through a hands-on project. Our graduates move on to future lives in:

For further information, contact
Dr. Elizabeth Perse, Chair
Department of Communication
250 Pearson Hall
(302) 831- 8041

Sample Job Titles

Bachelor's Degree/Entry Level
Further Education/Experience Often Required

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Enhancing Employability

Some Employers of Communication Majors

Other Sources of Information

Resources for Finding Employment

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