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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice program offers undergraduate students an opportunity to pursue studies leading to law school, graduate school or a career in the administration of justice. The program is structured around a core of criminal justice courses on such topics as law enforcement, the judicial process, juvenile justice, corrections and criminal law. Since any criminal justice system reflects the structure, ideas and concerns of the society within which it operates, the criminal justice curriculum also includes required courses in sociology, political science, psychology, psychology and history.

At the University of Delaware, a degree in criminal justice is viewed as a general liberal arts degree. The curriculum, therefore, emphasizes the importance of representative courses in the arts and humanities, mathematics and science. Consequently, graduating criminal justice majors will have achieved both the skills and breadth of knowledge expected of well-educated men and women in a complex and pluralistic society.

Although many criminal justice graduates attend law school, an increasing number are choosing other areas of graduate work as well. Students with a degree in criminal justice often elect to do their graduate work in criminal or public administration. However, they can also pursue graduate degrees in any behavioral or social science including political science, sociology, or psychology. Those who seek employment after completing their degree requirements have generally good prospects in such areas as correctional counseling, court administration, law enforcement and private security. In addition, many public and private agencies will have criminal justice related job openings for planners, researchers, data analysts and others who have sharpened their skills in statistics and computer science.

Interested students should contact Dr. Eric Rise, 342 Smith Hall, (302) 831-1236.

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