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Computer Science; Information Systems

Computing is woven into the fabric of our modern society. Many businesses, professions and disciplines use computers. The use of computing in our society is expected to expand even further in the next two decades. Consequently, career opportunities are quite diverse. They include careers in business data processing; technical careers with computer manufacturers and software companies; scientific computing careers in various types of laboratories; software development careers for applications in almost any field imaginable; and academic and research careers in universities, secondary schools and industry.

Is it for you? Are you talented mathematically and technically? Can you reason logically about complex matters? If so, then you are a good candidate for a computer and information science major. Other educational paths to a computer career include majors in fields such as business, mathematics and engineering with a minor or double major in computer and information sciences.

For requirements of the computer science and information systems majors and minors, see a current catalog. Further information about careers and academic requirements is available from the CIS department office in 101 Smith Hall, (302) 831-2711.

Sample Job Titles

Bachelor's Degree/Entry Level
Further Education/Experience Often Required

Check the Dictionary of Occupational Titles under section 030 for additional related careers.

Enhancing Employability

Some Employers of Computer Science; Information Systems Majors

Other Sources of Information

Candid Careers

Resources for Finding Employment

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