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Anthropology is the study of humans in all times and places. The field is wide in scope, addressing both the comparative study of cultures worldwide and the evolution of humankind from prehistoric to contemporary times. Anthropology at the University of Delaware encompasses three distinct but interconnected fields of study: social and cultural anthropology, biological or physical anthropology, and archaeology. Social and cultural anthropologists undertake holistic and comparative research on communities throughout the world, investigating economic and political institutions, social organizations, religions, and art forms. They also address such global issues as long term cultural change and the interaction between cultural practices and the environment. Biological or physical anthropologists study the evolutionary differentiation of primates, primate behavior, the emergence of hominids, and processes of adaptation in modern populations.  Archaeologists use the material remains of prehistoric and historic period communities to reconstruct their associated cultures and how they changed through time. Archaeologists also contribute to cultural heritage preservation and education. All three field draw on their research results to address public and private sector policy questions.


By learning about other cultures, anthropology students gain insights into how and why people differ and how we all resemble one another in our common humanity. The preparation offered by the anthropology department’s curriculum and other in-depth research training opportunities is invaluable in private and public sector careers and in jobs in international agencies, all of which require an understanding of the complexities of human behavior and the ability to engage in productive interaction with people from different cultures. Job opportunities for Bachelor of Arts graduates in anthropology are similar to those available to other liberal arts majors. Anthropology provides a strong foundation for professional careers in education, medicine, social work, public health, law, governmental agencies, and museums. Interested students may contact Dr. Karen Rosenberg, 135 Munroe Hall, or call (302) 831-1851.


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