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Analyze your motives for considering advanced study. Will attending graduate school help you develop your abilities and achieve your goals?. A graduate degree is a prerequisite to entering certain careers, such as law, medicine, and university teaching. Therefore, to pursue such a position, an advanced degree is required. Another motivation for attending graduate school is to receive further in-depth training and study in a subject that particularly interests you either for purposes of career advancement or for personal satisfaction.

Attending graduate school should not be a way to postpone making a career decision. In fact, it should be the logical result of making a career decision. It is important that you explore and understand the careers in which you are interested and develop a clear idea of the position you want to pursue prior to choosing a graduate school.

Selecting a Graduate School


Once you have decided to attend graduate school, you are faced with choosing between the several hundred graduate school programs available at various universities throughout the United States. Several factors should be considered as you narrow down your choices.


Applying to Graduate School


Once you have narrowed your choice of graduate programs to a reasonable number, you are ready to begin the application process. Initiate this process as early as possible. A full year-and-a-half before your anticipated starting date is not too arly to take the necessary steps to gain acceptance into a program.

Application deadlines may range from August (before your senior year) to late spring or summer of your senior year. Medical schools in particular have very early deadlines. But most graduate schools have deadlines between January and March. Applying early can be an advantage in cases where schools have rolling admissions.

Application Requirements

Law School & Medical School





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