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Requesting and Submitting Dates Advertisements
Violations Back to Back Parties
Sanctions Reserving the Center for Black Culture
Submitting Date Requests  Reserving the Visitor’s Annex
Penalties and the Importance of Canceling Dates Reserving The Center for Black Culture Park
Canceling a Date Off Campus Programming
CO-sponsorships Buying & Selling Dates

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Trabant University Center/Perkins Student Center
Billing The Services

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General Guidelines for Public Safety Staffing at Evening/Late Night Events Trabant University Center/Perkins Student Center
Visitor Identification Policy Public Safety Charges
Late Night Event Staffing Guide CANCELLATION POLICY
Responsibilities and Standards for Late Night Events DISRUPTIONS AT LATE NIGHT EVENTS

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Cancellation Before the Event
Cancellation during the Event

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Sales and Solicitation by Registered Student Organizations Fund Raising Policies
Procedure Program Financial Revenue Policies and Procedures

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Late Night Party Deposits: Greeks
  Prior to the Party
  During the Event
Late Night Party Deposits: Registered Student Organizations

Section VIII

Retrieving Your Revenue  
  Registered Student Organizations
  Chartered Greek Organizations
  Greek Organization Deposit 






To All BLC Member Organizations:


The Black Leadership Council (BLC) is a sub-committee of the Black Student Union.  The BLC and its member organizations operate under a dates procedure for each semester of the academic year.  The dates procedure is not an official university policy, but has been set up to alleviate the problem of BLC organizations sponsoring programs on the same date.  Although it is not mandatory, we encourage each organization to follow the dates policy in hopes that we can foster respect and unity on campus.  Dates will be due the 4th week of October for the Spring semester and the 3rd week of March for the Fall.  Each BLC member organization will submit dates for the upcoming semester and select a priority number in a random lottery.  There will be two scheduled BLC resolution meetings to finalize the calendar.  If you have any questions, concerning these procedures, please contact the BSU Vice President or the Center for Black Culture.





Fall 2002

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Section 1

Center for Black Culture’s Dates Policy


Requesting and Submitting Dates


1.      A letter will be sent to each student organization requesting dates for the upcoming Fall, Winter, or Spring semester.


2.      Each organization should submit all requests for dates as specified in the date request letter.


3.      Each semester, a limit of  2 additional open program dates outside of an organization’s week.  It is strongly recommended that additional programs are co-sponsorships.  Final approval is at the discretion of the CBC.


4.      For organizations that choose not to select a specific week for events, there is a limit of  5 open dates per semester.


5.      Open programs are defined as programs advertised to the general public.  Closed programs are defined as programs limited to the members of an organization or a select segment of the CBC population.


6.      Each organization should prioritize it’s dates by listing them in order of importance.  Closed functions must be noted when requested.  For Greek organizations: Founder’s Days and Founder’s Weeks must be specifically requested when dates are requested.  If it is not requested, it will not be listed on the calendar.


7.      If a co-sponsorship occurs both groups are equally responsible for the date and both must notify the Center for Black Culture in the event of a cancellation.


8.      Based on the major role the BSU plays in the social and political lives of Black students and the major programming function of the CPAB, their dates will be scheduled first.  The Center for Black Culture’s activities will be scheduled next, followed by organizational weeks.  All other dates will be granted in order of the random lottery selection.


9.      Greek organizations under the BLC and the BSU will have one week per academic year.  There is a limit of 5 open programs during a scheduled week.  Any request to change the official start and end date of an organization’s week must be submitted one month before the upcoming semester.


10.  Each organization must send at least one representative to all BLC meetings.  There will be 2 BLC meetings scheduled to review the approved calendar and resolve any conflicts, make changes, and establish CO-sponsorships


11.  Organizations needing additional dates after the resolution meeting must wait until the beginning of the semester to submit these requests.  These requests must be submitted in writing or via e-mail to the BLC Chair and to the CBC Graduate Assistant.


12.   Organizations needing to change or switch dates with other student organizations must send a written request to the organization, the BLC Chair and the CBC Graduate Assistant.  The organization from which you are requesting a date must approve your request and send a copy of the approval to the BLC Chair and to the CBC Graduate Assistant.


13.  Organizations agreeing to co-sponsor (joint programs or shared dates) on any given date, must sign a CO-sponsorship contract.  A copy will be given to each organization, the BLC chair, the Director of the Center for Black Culture and the Graduate Assistant for the Center for Black Culture.

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Violations of the BLC policy include but are not limited to the following:

            1.         Programming without permission on another organization’s date

            2.         Advertising without permission a program on another organization’s date           3.         Any breech of the CO-sponsorship contract

            4.         Advertisement of closed programs to the general public

            5.         Violation of the cancellation policy

            6.         Violations as defined by due process

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1.      In the case of any unclear violation or potential discrepancy, due process will occur.   Due process includes an emergency BLC meeting to obtain all factual information and supportive documentation. At this time, the body will decide whether or not the situation in question constitutes a violation of BLC policy.


2.      Sanctions for both clear and unclear violations will be as follows:

A.     After a violation is determined by the BLC, the penalty will be one of the following:

1.      Loss of the next date that appears on the calendar that is not (a) a joint/CO-sponsorship program or (b) a large-scale program

2.      A fine in the amount of $100 paid to the BLC account.  The penalized organization has until the end of the semester to pay the fine in full.

B.     If a fine is unpaid by the end of the semester, the resulting sanction will be the automatic loss of two consecutive dates for the following semester.

C.  All sanctions will be determined by the Center for Black Culture

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Submitting Date Requests 

Dates are submitted on a date determined each semester by the BLC Chair and the Graduate Assistant for the Center for Black Culture.


All dates should be submitted in the following format:








EXAMPLE:                NOVEMBER

  Monday         Nov. 13, 2000             Late night party                     (3)        Alt. 11/15

 Wednesday     Nov. 22, 2000                        Thanksgiving dinner              (1)        Alt. 11/21

 Friday            Nov. 24, 2000                       Going home program               (2)        Alt.  11/25





  Friday,  Dec. 1, 2000            program         (1)





If an organization does not submit its dates by the instructed time, its dates must be submitted but the organization will not receive a lottery number and its dates will be considered after all other organizations receive their dates.  It is the organization’s responsibility to send a representative to the BLC Resolution meeting to discuss dates.

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Penalties and the Importance of Canceling Dates

For your convenience, the cancellation and reservation forms for the Center for Black Culture are now on the web at:  To cancel a scheduled program, your organization must submit, in advance, a program Cancellation Form, which is available at the Center for Black Culture, and on the web at 

A letter signed by a representative of your organization may be submitted in lieu of the aforementioned form.  Failure to cancel a requested program date will be noted and will result in a penalty.  In the case of a joint/CO-sponsorship program, all participating organizations must submit a cancellation form to avoid a penalty.


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Canceling a Date

1.      An e-mail must be sent to the BLC Chair, the Graduate Assistant for the Center for Black Culture, and the Director of the Center for Black Culture to notify them that your organization would like to cancel a date.

2.      Your date will not be canceled until you receive an approval via e-mail from either the BLC Chair or the Graduate Assistant.

3.      After receipt of approval, any and all room reservations must be canceled.

4.      Cancellations should be done at least 72 hours in advance of the date.  Exceptions will be made for emergency situations.

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A.      CO-sponsorship is defined as: (1) The sharing of a particular date by different organizations with different programs, or (2) The engagement in a joint program sponsored by different organizations.

B.       To request a CO-sponsorship (shared date or joint program) for open or closed programs, a representative from the requesting organization must e-mail a request to the organization that has the date and cc the BLC Chair, the Graduate Assistant for the Center for Black Culture, and the Director of the Center for Black Culture.  If permission is given, the BLC Chair, the Graduate Assistant, and the Director of the Center for Black Culture must also receive a copy of the approval response.

C.      A CO-sponsorship contract must them be submitted to the Graduate Assistant for the Center for Black Culture indicating the specific terms of the agreement.  The Graduate Assistant will approve the contract and provide copies to each organization, the BLC Chair, and the Director of the Center for Black Culture.

D.      Joint/CO-sponsorship programs place responsibility on both organizations for that particular date.  Each organization shares the responsibility of notification of CO-sponsorships, cancellations, room reservations, and publicity.  Any possible sanctions or penalties incurred due to violation of BLC procedure will be levied on both organizations.

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1.      The definition of an advertisement is the publication and distribution of any material indicating an event sponsored by an organization.  This includes, but is not limited to: fliers, handbills, e-mail's, and voicemails distributed to the Center for Black Culture population, as well as public address announcements.


2.      An advertisement by an organization is considered a sponsorship of that program or event by that organization.


3.      An organization must request permission to advertise University sponsored events, i.e. programs sponsored by career services, academic services, etc. if the event or the advertisement falls on another organizations date.  BSU does not have to request permission to advertise University sponsored events.


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Back to Back Parties

Due to the lack of facilities and shortage of Public Safety staff, back-to-back parties are

not permitted.


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Reserving the Center for Black Culture

For your convenience, requests to reserve the Center for Black Culture can be submitted on-line at  All organizations may utilize the kitchen area to serve food for functions.  The CBC does not, however, permit the frying of foods (Fish, Crabs, Poultry, etc.) in the building.  These foods must be already prepared.  If you serve food, please take the trash out to the dumpster located at the side of the building after your function.


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Reserving the Visitor’s Annex

The Visitor’s Center Auditorium in the Annex may be reserved for programs sponsored by organizations.  The auditorium holds 60 and can be used in the evening up until 9:00 p.m.  In order to reserve this space you should fill out a Center for Black Culture space reservation form and indicate your request for the annex specifically.  This space can be used for lectures, panel discussions, rap sessions, and small programs.  This is not a social area and there are no refreshments served in this building.

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Reserving The Center for Black Culture Park

This park has been established for use by all student organizations.  To reserve the park, fill out a Center for Black Culture reservation form on the web at  The park is a public area and can be utilized by the public, unless reserved for a particular event.  If there are concerns about the general public sitting on a particular organizational bench, it is the organization’s responsibility to indicate that on the bench.  Please make sure the sign is neat, legible, and respectful.


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Off Campus Programming

Organizations scheduling parties off-campus still need to make the Center for Black Culture aware of the event in order to avoid conflicts between organizations.


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Buying & Selling Dates

The Center for Black Culture does not condone the purchase or sale of dates between organizations and departments. 



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§         All reservations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to a planned event.


§         At the start of the semester, you will receive a letter from either the Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life or the Assistant Director of the Student Centers.


§         The rooms available for party use are:


Trabant University Center                Multipurpose Rooms A,B,& C                                 

Perkins Student Center                     Scrounge                                                                                                             Bacchus Room

Rodney Room



·                    Placing a hold on a room in NO WAY RESERVES the room for the group, and it is therefore, still important for the group to see the above named administrator for assistance.  Rooms must be reserved by the group (sample #1 and #2).


·                    Work orders for services must be completed by the sponsoring organization and approved by the administrator assigned to your group.  Work orders and approvals are done during your scheduled meeting (see samples #3 and #4).


For Greek Organizations contact The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

12 W. Delaware Avenue, 831-2631


For Registered Student Organizations contact the Activities and Programs Office, Trabant University Center, 831-2428


For Public Safety Consultation contact Bill Katorkas, 831-4159 or e-mail



§         The group must handle any external services (i.e. DJ, etc.) and a contract MUST be used for payment.

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The individual party dates have been arranged with the Center for Black Culture and Black Leadership Council, in accordance with the BLC dates procedure.  Although the date is reserved your organization MUST reserve the facility.


Chartered Greek Organization representatives will meet with the Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life; and the Registered Student Organization representatives will meet with the Program Coordinator for Activities and Programs or designee to review and complete the following:


1.       Your organization must complete a  Reservation Form for the party space on-line at

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Trabant University Center/Perkins Student Center


Student Center Reservation Form – is available on-line at The reservation form should be submitted upon receipt of the approved calendar.


·        NOTE:  Party dates are approved only if listed on the BLC Dates calendar provided by the Center for Black Culture.


2.      The organization must complete the appropriate requests for services with either the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life or the Activities and Programs Office (for Registered Student Organizations).  These include requests for Public Safety and Custodial Services.  The requests for service must be completed at least two working weeks in advance.

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Billing The Services


§         The organization’s internal account will be charged for any Building Supervision, Custodial Services, or Public Safety personnel necessary for the event.


§         Estimates on cost can be obtained from the department providing the services.


§         The charges from the various service departments do not appear on your account statement in a timely fashion.  In some cases, it may be months before the organization’s treasurer will see a bill for a specific service for a specific late night event.


§         The Offices of Fraternity & Sorority Life and Activities and Programs are not responsible and have no control for billing.  These offices are only responsible for collecting payment of the charges and authorizing future services based on account status.


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General Guidelines for Public Safety Staffing at Evening/Late

Night Events


The first priority for all events held at the University of Delaware is the safety and security of persons and property.  Recognizing this need, the Department of Public Safety in cooperation with the university community will strive to properly assess the safety and security needs of evening/late night events.


Please keep in mind that every event and facility is unique when determining security needs.  As such, staffing levels will be determined on a case by case basis taking into account the following: the nature and purpose of the event, amount of advertising, professional staff support, expected attendance, the times of the event, and the facility being used.


The following are common factors that would normally warrant a staffing review for an event: opened to the public, cash sales at the door, the event is scheduled to end later than midnight, a disc jockey, live band, or performance is the primary activity of the event, the facility being used has a capacity of 300 or more.

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Events Handbook


Step 1                          Follow the dates procedure and general party policies if your organization chooses to participate in the dates calendar process.  (See section 1)


Step 2                          Once dates are resolved at the Black Leadership Council dates resolution meeting, the Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life will put a hold on the room (Trabant University Center) for Chartered Greek Organizations.  The Associate Director or his/her designee of the Trabant University Center will put a hold on the rooms needed for Registered Student Organizations.

(See section 2)


Step 3                          Registered Student Organizations and Chartered Greek Organizations are responsible for meeting with the appropriate administrator to schedule services for upcoming parties for that semester.  (See section 3)


Step 4                          Students must meet with the appropriate administrator as soon as possible to order services at least 2 working weeks prior to the event.  This will allow public safety time to secure Officers, Aides and First World Security for the event.  Less than 2 weeks notice will not be acceptable.  (See section 4)


Step 5                          The Cancellation Policy will be activated during inclement weather, unavailability of security, or by student organization requests.  Please note all cancellation procedures and follow when necessary.  (See section 5)


Step 6                          In order to account for the revenue from the party, the group must obtain and complete a sales and solicitation form from the Trabant University Center Event Services Office.  (See section 6)


Step 7                          On the date of the event, the group must pick up the deposit bags and deposit slips.  The group will deposit all moneys the night of the event, escorted by Public Safety.  (See section 7)


Step 8                          The group’s funds will be credited during the business week following the event.  Funds will be credited by the bank.  (See section 8)

Step 9                          HAVE FUN—YOU’RE HAVING A PARTY!

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Late Night Party Policy


In an effort to enhance safety and to reduce the number of disruptive incidents occurring at late-night parties sponsored by organizations in the Black Leadership Council (BLC), the following amendments were made to the late-night party policy.


1.         With the exception of the Homecoming Party and the Dick Wilson Step Show After Party, all late-night parties held on campus will be “visitor identification”
  Attendees MUST present a College ID and be 18 and older.


2.         All parties must be held in the Multipurpose Room of the Trabant University Center.


3.         Each organization will limit itself to (1) visitor identification party per semester.


4.         Advisors, who are University of Delaware employees, must be present at all late-night events.  If an advisor is unable to attend, the student group is responsible for finding another University of Delaware employee to work the party.  All substitutions must be confirmed with the Director of the Center for Black Culture or her designee, in advance.


5.         All other policies with regard to the BLC dates policy remain in full force and effect.


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Visitor Identification Policy


Party attendees who are not University of Delaware students will be required to exchange photo

identifications for a visitor’s pass (college identification or valid drivers license).  University of

Delaware students must show their student I.D.


Student groups will be required to staff two lines; one for all college ID cards (University of

Delaware and other college students) and the other for non-college ID cards.


Party sponsors will be required to assist with collecting and distributing identifications.


Violators at late-night events will have their photo identifications confiscated and a referral will

be made to the appropriate authority.



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Late Night Event Staffing Guide


Type 1:      Events and Facilities:   An open dance party or live band or performance scheduled to end after 12:00 a.m. (midnight) and held in a facility with a maximum capacity of more than 450. 


§         The maximum capacity for a late night event held in the back gym of Carpenter Sports Building is 1200.  Staffing requirements are 6 full-time officers and 6 part-time staff.


§         The maximum capacity for late night events held in 3 Multi-purpose Rooms of the Trabant University Center is 800.  Staffing requirements are 5 full-time officers and 5 part-time staff.


Type 2:      Events and Facilities:    An open dance party or live band or performance scheduled to end after 12:00 a.m. (midnight) and held in a facility with a maximum capacity of 450.


§         The maximum capacity for late night events held in 2 Multipurpose Rooms of the Trabant University Center is 450.  Staffing requirements are 4 full-time officers and 4 part-time staff.



Type 3:      Events and Facilities:   An open dance party or live band or performance scheduled to end after 12:00 a.m. (midnight) and held in a facility with a maximum capacity of 300 or less.


§         The maximum capacity for late night events held in Bacchus, Rodney Room and the Scrounge is 300.  Staffing requirements are 2 full-time officers and 2 part-time staff.



The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to adjust staffing levels to meet the security needs of any event.

An FAI Request must be submitted 2 weeks before the event.  Failure to provide adequate notice will result in the cancellation of the event.

If there are any questions, please contact  Lt. Katorkas at 831-4159 or Security Services at 831-2682.                                 

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Responsibilities and Standards for Late Night Events


An event classified as a late night event will be subject to the following standards:


1.                  A safety meeting with Public Safety and the event sponsor will be held the week of the event.


2.         Cooperation and understanding between security staff and sponsors when making safety related decisions.


3.         Attendance (including sponsors, performing artists, DJ’s and vendors) should not exceed the capacity of the facility.   


4.         Minimum staffing levels and security procedures have been established for the late night event.


5.         Patrons must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid picture ID or college ID in their possession for admittance.  Sponsors and vendors will be issued wristbands and access badges for easy identification.


6.         Predetermined lighting levels are made for each facility and will remain constant throughout the event. The building supervisor will monitor the event and maintain the predetermined lighting levels.


7.         Sponsors will assist Public Safety in clearing out the facility.  Sponsors are responsible for cleaning trash inside and outside the facility.


8.         Money collected the night of the event must be deposited in a University authorized account as required by University policy.   A full-time officer will provide an escort for all money deposits.


9.         The Detail Commander and Building supervisor will complete an After Action Report.  Copies will be sent to the sponsoring organization and their advisor or supervising office.


10.       Each organization should fill out a pre event/after action checklist.  This form will give the organization an opportunity to evaluate the facility, services, and event.  Copies should be sent to Public Safety and to the facility supervisor.                                                            

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Trabant University Center/Perkins Student Center


1.      A safety meeting with Public Safety and the event sponsor will be held the week of the event.


2.      A final safety meeting the night of the event should be held with the sponsor and vendors to review the security plan and discuss any concerns.         


3.  There will be two building supervisors assigned to late night events.  The Building Supervisor(s) are responsible for conducting a pre-event and post event inspection of the facility and Multipurpose Room and for periodically checking on the event.  Any problems that may occur should be communicated to Public Safety and resolved cooperatively.  An After Action Report shall note any damages or problems.  In addition:


·        At 11:50 p.m., the Building Supervisor will make a closing announcement.

·        At 12:00 a.m., the Building Supervisor will secure all exterior doors and the interior hallway doors separating the Multipurpose Room hallway from the main section of the building.  The exterior doors leading to the parking garage will be secured at the discretion of the Detail Commander.


4.      The night of the event, the Detail Commander will:


·        Issue 450 wrist bands to the event sponsor.

·        Conduct pre-event and post-event inspection of the Multipurpose Room.  This includes blocking off the loading dock and fire lane circle with cones, and securing the interior doors leading to the loading dock and back hallway.

·        Assign at least one part-time staff for pat downs.  (one male and one female, if available)

·        Assign a minimum of two part-time staff inside the Multipurpose Room to monitor activity and to watch the exit doors leading to the back hallway.

·        Assign one full-time officer to the main hallway to check ID's, watch the money and for general crowd control.  Assign one police officer inside the event.

·        Assign one full-time officer to rove inside the event, the back hallway, and the parking facility. 

·        At the end of the event, Public Safety will help patrons leave the building, provide an escort for the late night deposit, complete an After Action Report, and validate time cards.


    5.           Parking for patrons is available in the parking garage for a maximum fee of $2.00. Parking on Main St. after 9:30 p.m. could result in having your car towed or ticketed by Newark Police.


           6.          The Event Sponsor will have the following responsibilities:


·        Review safety briefings, issue ID badges, and wristbands to all sponsors and vendors working the event.

·        Check ID's at the door, issue all paying and nonpaying patrons a wristband.

·        Help Public Safety clear out the building and the parking garage at the end of the event.

·        Clean up trash in the Multipurpose Room and parking garage.

·        Count money using the operations office and make a bank deposit of all money collected.


        7.                     The DJ is responsible for making any announcements requested by University staff. In addition, the lights must be turned on by 1:40 A.M. The DJ’s equipment should be cleared from the building by 2:15 A.M.  The DJ may load and unload from the loading dock area but must park the vehicle in a legal space during the event.


Unless specifically requested in the Request for Services and Internal Charge/Credit Invoice Form, only two (2) rooms in the Multipurpose Room (preferably Room A and B) will be used for late night events with a maximum capacity of 450. 


If three (3) rooms are requested or attendance is expected to exceed 450 for this facility, additional Public Safety Staff will be required at the expense of the sponsor. Maximum capacity for this facility is 800.


Contraband will not be permitted inside the event.  This includes alcoholic beverages, smoking materials, pepper spray, dangerous instruments, or weapons.


These procedures were discussed with:


Building Supervisor     _______________________________________ 


First World Supervisor _______________________________________


Public Safety  ______________________________________________ 


Event Sponsor  _____________________________________________


By signing this document the Student Organization (Event Sponsor) agrees to assist Public Safety and 1st World in making sure the event is safe and successful.  Student Organizations failing to assist or cooperate in this process will be banned from sponsoring or cosponsoring late night events for a year.  (See Section 4 under Disruptions at Late Night Events).

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Carpenter Sports Building’s swimming pool is available for use by student groups for

 swimming/aquatic events during normal hours of operation, usually until 10:00 p.m. 

Any registered student organization or Greek organization that wishes to use the

indoor pool must abide by the following procedures:


1.         When reserving the area, you must have three lifeguards and a building supervisor to staff the event.  In addition, you must request the services of one Public Safety officer and one Public Safety aide.  If the organization anticipates event attendance of more than 200 people, an additional officer will be required.  The organization will also be responsible for the cost of custodial services and after-event clean up.  The appropriate paperwork to secure the use of the building and the personnel must be complete no less than ten working days prior to the event.


2.         Guests of the sponsoring organization must abide by all University of Delaware, Carpenter Sports Building, and indoor pool rules.  No street shoes or street clothes are allowed on the deck of the pool.  All those on the pool deck should have swimsuits and should be prepared to swim.  A copy of the CSB indoor pool rules is attached for your information.   ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED IN THE CSB AT ANYTIME.


3.         Guests may not hang over the railing of the seating area at any time.


4.         To ensure a safe environment, the volume of any music played will be controlled at the discretion of the lifeguards and the building supervisor.


5.         A representative of the organization must arrange and attend a safety meeting with the Facility Administrator of Services and Public Safety during the week prior to the event.  Failure to attend this meeting will result in cancellation of the event.



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Rules for Indoor Pool:


Any swimmer with a history of diabetes, heart or respiratory problems, or Epileptic

seizures must alert a lifeguard immediately upon entering the pool area.


All persons are required to take a soap shower before entering the pool area.


Persons suffering communicable or contagious illnesses, skin diseases, sores, or

fungus infections, etc. are prohibited from using the pool.


Persons in Street clothes and/or street shoes are not permitted on the deck.


No food, beverages, or chewing gum may be carried into the pool area.


Lockers are provided for street clothing.  Do not bring clothes, books, or other items

into the pool area—we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Unnecessary conversation with the pool staff is prohibited.


Solo bathing is prohibited.


Pushing, running, dunking or other horseplay is prohibited in the water or on the



Children must have immediate supervision of an adult at all times while in the pool



All non-swimmers must report their presence to the lifeguards on duty.


No free or other floatation devices are permitted in the swimming pool, except by

approval of the lifeguards.


The use of masks/fins is permissible with the approval of the guard on duty.  Scuba

gear as well as any excessive underwater swimming is prohibited.


Diving from the side of the pool in less than 5’ of water is prohibited.


Persons are prohibited from entering the pool from the starting blocks.


Lap swimming is permitted while the one meter boards are in use.  During periods of

peak lap swimming, the lifeguards have the authority to close the one meter boards to

allow the diving well to be used for lap swimming.




Use of the 3 meter boards and the 5 meter platform is prohibited.


Only one person is permitted on the diving board at a time.


Dive off the front of the board only.  Only one bounce on the board.  No cartwheels,

handstands, etc. on the board.


The one meter board closest to the wall is closed at all times.


After completing the dive, exit immediately at the nearest ladder.


All personal injuries, regardless how insignificant, must be reported immediately to

the lifeguard on duty.


Repeated violations of these rules of conduct detrimental to others will result in

suspension of an individual’s pool privileges.


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Public Safety Charges (effective through 06/30/04)

Full –time Officer  $33.00 per hour

Student Workers
(Miscellaneous Wage)

$11.35 per hour


First World Security 

Student Workers $11.35 per hour
Community Workers $15.00 per hour
Supervisors $22.00 per hour

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CANCELLATION POLICY (refer to Section 5)


Failure to provide Public Safety 2 week’s notice of an event will result in the cancellation of the event.


If the sponsoring organization decides to cancel an event, they must provide 24 hours’ notice to Public Safety to avoid a minimum 2 hour charge per employee scheduled to work.


If the sponsoring organization decides to cancel the event the night of the event or after the event has started, a minimum 2 hour charge per employee working or scheduled to work will be assessed.


If attendance for a late night event is minimal and staffing levels are clearly disproportionate, the shift commander may authorize releasing staff before the end of the event.


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In March 1999, representatives from the BSU, CPAB, NPHC, and administrators from the Center for Black Culture, Dean of Students Office, and Public Safety met to discuss the issues of disruptions and safety at late night events.  As a result of this meeting, a new student initiative emerged…giving student organizations a higher level of accountability and responsibility.



University of Delaware students and visitors causing disruptions while attending late night events will be held accountable for their behavior.


This means that student organizations sponsoring late night events will serve as co-charging parties with public safety officials.  This includes testifying as witnesses in student judicial proceedings and other court proceedings.


In addition, members of student organizations will cooperate with university officials and disclose information regarding the disruption when requested.


Public Safety officers will pursue administrative charges and legal action in matters of disruptive conduct.



University of Delaware students causing or involved in disruptions at Late Night Events will be charged with violating the student Code of Conduct.  Students found guilty of violating this policy will be sanctioned according to the Student Code of Conduct.  In addition, students found guilty of disruptive behavior at late night events will be banned from attending these events for one year.


Note:  This action does not or will not supersede action taken by University Police officers in local or state courts.


Student organizations will serve as CO-charging parties and witnesses in matters of code of conduct violations.  Members of student organizations are required to cooperate fully in police investigations.


Student organizations or any member failing to cooperate or failing to provide information to an investigating authority following a disruption will be banned from sponsoring or co-sponsoring late night parties for one year.


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Section 5



Cancellation Before The Event:


If the sponsoring organization decides to cancel the event prior to the actual date, the

organization must notify the Center for Black Culture (to cancel date on calendar)

and the proper administrative office: (Fraternity & Sorority Life for Chartered

Greek Organizations or Activities and Programs for Registered Student

organizations). The administrative office will in-turn cancel the various services and



Cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance of the event in order for the

sponsoring organization not to be billed for services.


If  Public Safety needs to cancel the event prior to the actual date (due to lack of

staffing) then they will do so 1 week prior to the event by notifying the event

sponsor.  Therefore, it is very important that an event contact person be listed on all

requests filed with either the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life or the Activities and

Programs Office.  This one week advance notice is based on the fact that the

organization submits the request for Public Safety a minimum of two weeks prior to

the event.  Failure to provide two weeks’ notice of services needed will make a one

week notice of cancellation by Public Safety impossible.


If the weather is inclement (excessive snow, ice, etc.) the sponsoring organization

should call Public Safety at 831-2222 to see if the University is CLOSED.  If the

University is closed then the event is automatically canceled and the organization

will not be held chargeable for services.  If the University is open but the organization

feels the weather will prevent a safe event, the organization should contact Public

Safety to cancel services and notify other services that the event is canceled 


Please note: Minimum charges for Public Safety may be incurred if the cancellation

did not allow sufficient time to contact officers prior to reporting to the event.  A

minimum of 24 hours’ notice is recommended.

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Cancellation During The Event:

If a group decides to cancel an event after the event has started due to a lack of

attendance, it is free to do so.  However, the organization must understand that it will

be billed for at least 3 hours of service per worker by Public Safety, Custodial

Services, and Building Supervision.  This is due to the fact that there are union and

contracted personnel signing up to work and coming in “after hours.”


Public Safety will only cancel a late night event in progress if the event becomes

unsafe or if University policies are violated. 

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Section 6


Sales and Solicitation by Registered

Student Organizations


By  definition, sales/solicitations includes solicitation of membership, admissions,

charges for events, donations, and any funds derived from programs and services

rendered or sales of goods.  This includes all fund raisers by the group.

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In order to gain approval to conduct a campus sale or fund solicitation:


§         Registered Student Organizations and Chartered Greek Organizations must complete a Sales/Solicitation form (see sample) whenever raising funds on campus.  Forms are available in the Event Services Office of the Trabant University Center (Room 103).


§         The form must be approved by the Assistant Director for Event Services  (room 103 Trabant) for Registered Student Organizations and by the Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life for Chartered Greek Organizations.


§         The form must be returned and filed in the Event Services Office prior to the event.


§         The organization will receive free rolls of tickets from the Event Services Office that must be used for ticket sales at-the-door; each ticket price needs to have a separate color ticket.


§         After the event is over and all funds are deposited, you must Return to the Event Services Office to reconcile the Sales/Solicitation Form; you need to bring all tickets that were not sold and copies of all deposits related to the event.


§         The funds deposited must reconcile with the documented income according to the number of tickets sold.

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Fund Raising Policies


1.         Sales/solicitations on a “door-to-door”  basis in University facilities is not permitted.


2.         Delaware State Law regulates Raffles, lotteries, casino nights and other games of chance.  Review such activities with the Assistant Director for Event Services.


3.         Delaware State Law prohibits the sale of food that is not commercially prepared and packaged by a licensed food handler.


4.         Off-campus individuals or firms are not permitted to conduct sales/solicitations on campus except when sponsored by a University department, Registered or chartered organization, or Hall Government.


5.         Authorization to sell on campus does not constitute an endorsement by the University of either the product sold or the service rendered.


6.         No Registered Student Organizations may engage in off-campus fund raising activities without the permission of the Director of Student Centers or designee.


Failure to comply with the provisions of the Sales/Solicitations policy could result in the

loss of registration and possible referral to the University Judicial System.


Questions regarding sales/solicitations procedures should be directed to the Event Services Office of the Trabant University Center.  The Director of the Student Centers will make all policy interpretations.

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Program Financial Revenue Policies and Procedures


§         Prior to the event, the organization needs to complete a Sales/Solicitation form (see section on Sales/Solicitation).


§         Prior to the event the organization must pick up deposit bag(s) and deposit slip(s):  For Greek Organizations contact Fraternity & Sorority Life at ext. 2631

For Registered Student Organizations contact the Event Services Office (103 Trabant University Center) or ext. 2633


§         All moneys collected during the event must be deposited into the following accounts:

*Registered Student Organizations must use their University authorized checking account.


*Greek organizations must use their University internal account since they do not have University authorized checking accounts.


§         Moneys collected prior to the event and/or at the door must be deposited within twenty-four hours of receipt.




§         Deposits for late night parties need to be made a the end of the party (see section of Deposits)


§         A representative must return to Trabant University Center Event Services Office within the week after the event with leftover tickets and copies of deposit slips to reconcile ticket sales and revenue collected.


(See Section on Sales/Solicitation)

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Section 7

Late Night Party Deposits:



Please note that deposit procedures for Greeks are now very different from deposit procedures for student organizations. Please read your appropriate section and remember that the National Pan-Hellenic Council is considered a ‘Registered Student Organization.” Only fraternities and sororities are considered “Chartered Greek Organizations.”



Prior to the Party:



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During the Event:




See samples for Greeks.











**DO NOT use the deposit slip and bag for Registered Student Organizations. These groups deposit their money into Mellon Bank accounts. Greek Accounts are handled through Wilmington Savings Fund Society (WSFS).



*Failure to follow these directions will result in a significant delay in the crediting of an organization’s internal account.


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Late Night Party Deposits:

Registered Student Organizations


-           Receive a Mellon Bank deposit bag and a deposit slip prior to the party at the Operations Office (103 Trabant).


-           When you have finished selling tickets, count the money.  To be safe, have two people double count the money to verify total.


-           Complete the deposit slip by filling in dollar amount (see samples for Student Organizations).


-           All money collected goes into the deposit bag along with the entire deposit slip. 



-           Seal the bag, and remove the top part, writing the amount of your deposit and date on the top slip for your records.


-           On the bag make sure you write your group’s name (see samples for Student Organizations).


-           A Public Safety person will escort you to the Trabant University Center to deposit the bag.  Public Safety or Trabant Center personnel will have the key to unlock the depository.


-           Reopen the deposit chute to make sure your bag has gone in completely.


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Section 8


Retrieving Your Revenue


Registered Student Organizations:


-           Registered Student Organizations will have their revenue in their checking account when it is credited by Mellon Bank.


-           The treasurer should check his/her file in the Activities & Programs Office for a copy of the deposit slip which indicates that the deposit has been credited to the group’s checking account.


Chartered Greek Organizations:


§         The deposit will be credited to the internal account the week after the party.


§         A group wishing to receive its revenue must go to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and request a University check for the revenue to be removed from its internal account.


§         When requesting a check from your internal account, please speak to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.  Forms need to be in to Accounts Payable by 12:00 noon on Tuesday for the check to be processed and arrive at the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life on the following Tuesday.


§         The request for check takes approximately 10 working days.


§         When picking up the organization’s check the member will need to sign the top portion of the check and return it to the Coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life’s mailbox.


§         Any outstanding debt in the internal account will be cleared by deposited revenue.  The remaining funds can be retrieved by the organization. 

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Greek Organization Deposit


Please refer to sample deposit slip following page 26.  Deposits are made to the university Internal Account for Greek Organizations.  The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life will process a Request for Check after the deposit is made to the bank.  The university will issue a check, which will be received by the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.


All cash put into the deposit bag should be sorted and secured with rubber bands by denomination (i.e. 5’s together, 10’s together).  Please don't throw the cash in the bag!

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