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Volume 3       Issue 2   September 10, 2007

Quote of the Week
“The only thing that stands between you and what you want from life is simply the will to pursue it and the faith to believe it is possible.” Unknown

The Center for Black Culture’s History

In 1968, a University committee convened to examine the needs of African American students at the University of Delaware. In their final report was a recommendation that the University create a center in which African American students could congregate, organize cultural events, and develop a community of support. The University did not immediately act upon that recommendation. Instead, the University did some reorganizing and moved the Upward Bound and College Try programs and the Special Advisor to the Vice President for Student Affairs into house at 231 South College Avenue. Students named the building the Ujamaa House and it quickly became a gathering space for black students, faculty, and administrators. Although students and employees benefited from this space, they continued to lobby for the creation of a true cultural center .

During the 1974-1975 academic year another committee was formed to draft a proposal for a minority center and present it to the Minority Affairs Board. As a result, the Minority Center was established and located in a house at 192 South College Avenue.

The purpose of the Minority Center was to aid minority students in their academic, cultural, and interpersonal development. In 1985, the name was changed to the Center for Black Culture. The Center began to focus more on helping black students and the broader community understand and appreciate the rich heritage of black people in America.

What's Going on This Week

Zeta Week (Mon. Sept 3rd-9th) - See attached flyer for details
EORO Mentor Make Up Training—Friday, Sept. 7th at 2:30 p.m. at the CBC


Center for Black Culture Staff: 
Kasandra Moye, Director
Fiona Caramba-Coker, Graduate Assistant
Sharon Warren, Staff Assistant
Center for Black Culture
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