Primary Retirement Plan: 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan

University Retiree Benefits

The University provides retiree benefits to those who qualify under one of the following age/service criteria. At retirement, University retirees are eligible to enroll in blood bank, health, dental, and vision insurance and are covered by a $7,000 death benefit.  Health insurance plans are the same as those for active employees until the retiree is age 65, at which time Medicare supplemental coverage is available. 

Age/Service Criteria

  • any age and 30 years of service
  • age 55 and 20 years of service
  • age 60 and 15 years of service
  • age 65 and 10 years of service

Retiree Benefits

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Blood Bank Membership
  • $7,000 Death Benefit
  • Educational Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • ID card privileges (Library, Fitness Center, etc.)
  • Free Central Parking Sticker

Prior Service

The University will include prior employment for purposes of meeting retirement eligibility providing the length of service is five years or more. Prior University service of less than five years will be restored only after the individual works for a minimum of five consecutive years. However, where a break in service is four months or less, the 5-year service requirement will be waived and all eligible prior service will be restored. Only permanent employment of 50% time or more as a faculty, professional, salaried or hourly staff employee will be considered.


Contact the Benefits office at (302) 831-2171 or email