Vision Program

* Employee only
* Employee + Spouse/Civil Union Spouse
* Employee and Child(ren)
* Family

This comprehensive plan provides coverage that can include eye examinations, frames/lenses or contact lenses and other vision-related expenses. The UD vision plan is administered through National Vision Administrators (NVA), which boasts a national provider network of more than 40,000 locations. The NVA network includes ophthalmologists, optometrists and optical companies that provide broad geographic coverage throughout every state in the U.S.

Through the Flexible Benefit Program, the University provides pre-tax Flex Credit to cover the premium for full-time employees; benefits for dependents and retirees are voluntary and available at an additional group-rate cost.

Using your Vision Benefits
You decide how to use your in-network or out-of-network vision benefits. You select an in-network provider and identify yourself at the time of service by providing the information that is shown on your personalized NVA I.D. card.

You may also use out-of-network services by paying the out-of-network provider in full for all services and materials. To receive your reimbursement, you must submit an itemized invoice or receipt from your provider (along with a completed out-of-network claim form) to NVA Claims Services. You will be reimbursed according to the out-of-network schedule of reimbursements, less any applicable co-pay amount(s). The chart below provides a general outline of the benefits and reimbursement levels under the plan.

NVA Member Guide

This document explains some of your plan's more important features. Before using your benefits, please read both sides of this Member Guide. It will give you a better understanding of how to use your vision benefits to help you save money while managing your vision health and general wellness.

Summary of Vision Benefits

Summary of Vision Benefits



Benefits In-Network

Benefit Out-of-Network

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Once Every Plan Year

Covered after $15 co-pay

Up to $50

Standard Lenses

Once Every Plan Year

Covered in Full

Single Vision up to $40
Bifocal up to $60
Trifocal up to $80
Lenticular up to $100


Once Every Two Plan Years

Up to $150 Retail**
(20% discount off remaining balance over $150 allowance.  Discount does not apply at Wal-Mart/Sam's Club locations.)

Up to $80

Contact Lenses



Medically Necessary (Pre-approval from NVA required)

Contact Lens Evaluation/Fitting (only covered if you choose contact lenses)

Once Every Plan Year
In Lieu of Lenses/Frames

Up to $120 Retail**
(15% discount (conventional) or 10% discount (disposable) off remaining balance over $120.  Discounts do not apply at Wal-Mart/Sam's Club locations or Contact Fill mail orders.)

Covered in Full

Covered in Full

Up to $120

Up to $225

Daily Wear $20            Extended Wear $30

*Plan Year is the period July 1 through June 30.
** The insured is responsible for paying any charges in excess of this allowance.

Discounts! Discounts! Discounts!
Under the vision plan, you will receive prescription eyeglass lens upgrades at discounted prices from participating providers, such as: Coatings, Transitions, Polaroid, Polycarbonate, Ultra-thin Materials (High Index), Tints, etc.  Below is a listing of those discounted prices you would pay at the time of service:

$10  Solid Tint  $50  Progressive Lenses Standard
$12  Fashion / Gradient Tint $65  Transitions Single Vision Standard
$10  Standard Scratch-Resistant Coating $70  Transitions Multi-Focal Standard
$12  Ultraviolet Coating $25  Polycarbonate (Single Vision)
$40  Standard Anti-Reflective $30  Polycarbonate (Multi-Focal)
$20  Glass Photogrey (Single Vision) $30  Blended Bifocal (Segment)
$30  Glass Photogrey (Multi-Focal) $55  High Index
$75  Polarized  

For any option not listed above, member will receive a 20% discount at the time of service.

After you have exhausted your benefits during the plan period, you are eligible for the EyeEssential Plan Discounts on additional purchases at participating providers.  Those discounts are listed below:

EyeEssential Plan Discounts*
Examination $10 off retail price
Lenses Single Vision $35, Bifocal $55,
Trifocal $70, Lenticular $70 plus lens option discounts
Frame 35% off retail price
Contact Lenses Conventional: 15% off retail price
Disposable:  10% off retail price
Contact Lens Evaluation/Fitting 10% off retail price

*In-Network Benefit only and benefit frequencies are unlimited.  EyeEssential Discount Program does not apply at Wal-Mart/Sam's Club locations or Contact Fill mail orders.

Discounts on LASIK Surgery
NVA has contracted with The National LASIK Network to serve you.  This network includes the largest panels of LASIK surgeons in the U.S. and entitles you as a member to receive up to a 15% discount off standard prices or 5% off promotional pricing.

Contact Fill – Mail Order Contact Lens Program
NVA provides you with the convenience and savings of Contact Fill, our mail order contact lens replacement service.  Contact Fill provides contact lens wearers with significant savings packaged with the convenience of home delivery.

Easy Access to Member Services
A single call by a member or provider to a Member Services Representative can answer your questions regarding benefits, eligibility, coverage, provider information and claims. Call the Member Services toll-free line, 800-672-7723, or look for additional information on the NVA website at Please see the NVA slide show to learn about NVA online resources.

Please enter Group/Sponsor Number 51942000001 to search for NVA network providers.