Optional Life Insurance

Benefits-eligible full and part-time employees can purchase Optional term life insurance in addition to the Basic coverage offered through the University's flexible benefits plan.  Optional Life insurance must be elected as a multiple of base annual salary, and premiums are deducted from your pay on an after-tax basis.  The premiums are age-graded, so as your salary and/or age increase, your premiums will also increase. 
Enrollment for Newly Hired or Newly Benefited Employees

New hires and newly benefited employees may enroll for coverage up to the lesser of: (1) 5 times base annual salary; or (2) $500,000, without a Statement of Health (SOH) if they enroll within 30 days of their benefits eligibility date. Enrollments outside of the 30-day enrollment period will require a SOH.

Enrollment for a Current Employee Who is a New Participant

Employees not previously enrolled in Optional Life Insurance will be required to provide a SOH. A SOH is required if enrolling for Optional Life insurance for the first time or whenever increasing Optional Life Insurance coverage outside of an annual Open Enrollment.

Enrollment for a Current Employee Who is a Current Participant

Current participants in Optional Employee Life Insurance may increase coverage 1 times base annual salary up to the plan maximum or the lesser of 5 times base annual salary or $500,000 ($2,000,000 if combined with Basic Life) without providing a SOH. Current participants requesting an increase greater than 1 times base annual salary will be required to provide a SOH. Any election to reduce life insurance coverage (already in place) must be done in writing. Please contact the Human Resources Office for details by emailing hrhelp@ udel.edu or contact MetLife by calling 866-492-6983.

Beneficiary Designations must be submitted to (and are maintained by) the provider, MetLife. These designations replace any currently on file with the University.  Having your beneficiary designations on file with MetLife for your Group life insurance ensures that benefits are paid in accordance with your wishes.  If there is no beneficiary designation on record with MetLife, life insurance proceeds are paid according to the terms of the Group certificate, which may not correspond with your wishes. 


  • Will Preparation Service: for employees who are enrolled in the optional employee life insurance plan through MetLife.