Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

2017 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Open Enrollment is underway

November 7 - November 29, 2016

You can enroll in a Health Care FSA and/or Dependent Care FSA for calendar year 2017 using our FSA Enrollment Form.

FSAs are voluntary accounts that help you pay for expenses not covered by the other benefit programs. You can participate in one or both of the following accounts:

* Health care expenses
* Dependent care expenses

Re-enrollment is held once a year in November with coverage effective January 1. All other flexible benefits are effective July 1. The date services are provided determines eligibility of an expense for reimbursement from your FSA, not when you are formally billed or charged or when you pay for the services.

Participants in a health care FSA will be able use an FSA Benefits Card that is linked to their health care FSA. This means that you can use the Benefits Card to pay eligible health care expenses directly from your flexible spending account.

ASIFlex is the third-party administrator of the University's Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) plan. ASIFlex has administered pre-tax programs exclusively since 1988 and has extensive experience in administering FSA programs for universities, colleges and other public entities, including the State of Delaware.

Please see the links below for more detail about Flexible Spending Accounts, Services and the FSA Benefits Card:

Frequently Asked Questions
ASIFlex Online Account Instructions
Claim Form
FSA Information
Medical Expenses Worksheet
Direct Deposit Authorization Form (for ASIFlex's reimbursement to your bank account)
ASI Mobile App

GO MOBILE! Participants can file claims on the go and access account statements 24/7 with the ASIFlex Mobile App! Available at asiflex.com, Google play or the App Store.

When you're deciding how much to contribute to an FSA, you should estimate your expenses carefully. Once you contribute money to your FSA, you:

  • cannot transfer money from one account to another.
  • cannot withdraw money except to be reimbursed for a covered expense.
  • must use the money in the account only for expenses incurred during the period enrolled, up to and including the 2½ month grace period.  If you do not spend all the money, you will forfeit any unused balance.
  • cannot change the amount you contribute during the year unless you have a change in family status and apply within 30 days of the event.

These restrictions are required by the federal government.

Contribution limits are as follows:

FSA Minimum Maximum
Health Care $5.00/pay ($120) $108.33/pay ($2,600)*
Dependent (Day) Care $5.00/pay ($120) $208.33/pay ($5,000)

*Provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

When you set up an account, you use before-tax payroll contributions to pay for your eligible expenses on a tax-free basis.

Under FSA regulations, you may cover more dependents than under the other medical and dental plans. For the health care account, an eligible dependent can also include a dependent parent, as long as you provide more than one half of the individual's support.

For the dependent (day) care account, an eligible dependent includes your children (but only under age 13), your spouse (but only if he or she is disabled), and your parents or in-laws who depend on you and your spouse for more than one half of their support and who spend at least eight hours a day in your home.

The Flexible Spending Accounts Plan includes a 2½ month grace period extending through March 15 of each year. This means that a participant may submit expenses incurred in the two and one-half month grace period for reimbursement from either the prior year (if funds still remain) or the current year. Expenses incurred during the grace period will be first paid by any balance remaining from the prior year's election; then, if applicable, expenses will be reimbursed under the current plan year's elected amount. Any remaining balance from the prior plan year will be forfeited at the end of the grace period.

Note: FSA reimbursements are not automatic. You must complete and submit claim forms  to receive reimbursement.  Claims may be submitted through April 30 for expenses incurred between January 1 (or the actual period you were enrolled, if enrolled after January 1) and the end of the grace period.

Please contact ASIFlex with FSA-related questions by phone (800-659-3035) or by fax (877-879-9038).