Civil Union & Same-Gender Marriage

The Civil Marriage Equality and Religious Freedom Act of 2013 repeals the prohibition on same-gender marriage that was enacted in Delaware in 1996.  As of July 1, 2013, two individuals, whether of the same or different genders, are allowed to marry if otherwise eligible.  After June 30, 2013, no new civil unions will be formed in Delaware.  Both parties to a civil union that is not subject to a pending proceeding for dissolution, annulment or legal separation are permitted to convert their civil union to a marriage prior to July 1, 2014 by application for a marriage license to the clerk of the peace of the county in which their civil union license was issued, with or without further solemnization of such marriage.

On July 1, 2014, all remaining civil unions not currently subject to a proceeding for dissolution, annulment or legal separation will automatically convert to marriages. In addition, with respect to legal unions other than marriages between two persons of the same gender established in another jurisdiction, both parties to such legal union will be afforded the same rights, benefits and protections, and will be subject to the same responsibilities, obligations and duties, as a marriage for purposes of Delaware law.  In order for such recognition to apply, such union must be validly formed in such other jurisdiction, the parties thereto must meet the eligibility requirements to enter into a marriage in the State of Delaware, and such union must afford and impose on the parties thereto substantially the same rights, benefits, protections, responsibilities, obligations and duties of marriage. This Act provides for the equal application of all laws of the State of Delaware relating to marriage, married spouses or their children to same-gender or different-gender married spouses and their children.

Enrollment Process
The employee must provide a copy of their Marriage/Civil Union Certification issued by, and legally recognized by, a state or municipality, and must complete and submit to HR-Benefits the following:

Family Status and Benefit Change Form
Certification of Tax Dependent Status for Civil Union Spouse/Children
Spousal Coordination of Benefits Form (Policy)

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Resources
Eligible employees may contact HR-Benefits by e-mail ( with questions and/or to make changes to their benefit elections.