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  Long-Term Disability Insurance (Faculty and Professional Staff)

Through a long-term disability insurance plan, the University provides for continuing income to eligible employees in the event of total disability. Visiting employee classifications are not eligible for this benefit.

Eligible employees may apply for benefits through this program if total disability, due to illness or injury, causes absence from work for six months or longer. There is a six-month waiting period before disability income can begin, but it is University policy to pay some salary during this waiting period. See "DISABILITY (TOTAL) BENEFITS "SALARY CONTINUATION" policy for details.

Disability Plan Options

There is no cost to the employee for the standard option ($8,000 maximum monthly benefit as of July 1, 2007). Employees may choose the high option ($10,000 maximum monthly benefit as of July 1, 2007) and pay the difference between the University's contribution for the standard option and the cost of the high option. An option can be changed only during the flexible benefits enrollment period or if the employee has a qualifying life event as defined in the Flexible Benefits Book.

Individuals should advise their supervisors if unable to work due to illness or injury and provide medical certification of their disabling condition. The supervisor or the employee contacts the Benefits Office who coordinates the paperwork required by carrier.

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