Aetna HMO Primary Care Physician

You can check whether your current primary care physician (PCP) or other doctors that you visit are participating in Aetna's network at any time by going online at The information on this website is continually updated as new doctors join the Aetna network.

  • Click on "Find a Doctor"
  • Click "Continue to DocFind"
  • Use the General Search to obtain a list of doctors in a certain area
    • Step 1 - Enter a Search Type, i.e., Zip code or city or county.
    • Step 2 - Enter the geographic information for the area where you wish to find a participating provider.
    • Step 3 - Select a provider Category (e.g. Medical Providers).
    • Step 4 - Select the type of provider you wish to find, People (such as Primary Care Physician (PCP), Specialist, or Places (Medical Hospital, Mental Health Facilities), and Click Continue
    • Step 5 - The Plan "choice will be automatically filled with our specific HMO.
    • Step 6 - You may choose to narrow your search by specialty, gender, languages spoken, hospital affiliation and/or name OR View Search Results for all providers who match your geographic and plan requirements.
  • Click Start Search

That is it! You will be presented with a list of providers who match your criteria. You can obtain additional information about each provider by clicking on the "Provider Detail" link. During Flexible Benefits Open Enrollment, you will use the six digit Primary Office number to specify a PCP for each enrolled family member. The PCP need not be the same for each member of your family.

You may also call Aetna's Customer Service at 1-877-542-3862 to learn if your physician is currently participating with Aetna. If you find that your physician is not a participating provider at this time, please call back closer to the start of open enrollment as Aetna is in the process of contacting providers to expand their network. This is, a dedicated State of Delaware Customer Service number where you can obtain specific information on the HMO Plan for the State of Delaware group.

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