1969 University of Delaware Blazer Patch
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1969 University of Delaware Blazer Patch
Bill Clough, Class of 1973

Clothing and accessories also let students express their Blue Hen spirit. From sports uniforms to running shorts, t-shirts to baseball caps, students wore their blue and gold with pride. For many students in the mid-20th century, ordering their UD blazer with their class year patch on the breast was a big moment. Students wore their blazers as day-to-day wear on campus, as well as on special occasions, showing class spirit and unity.

Jewelry and accessories were popular ways to show school spirit. Key chains, pins, class rings, and other items, like this 1920s chain with charms, allowed students another way to identify with their class, their organizations, their Greek organizations and most of all, with the University of Delaware as a whole.

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