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Women's College of Delaware, circa 1918.Women's College of Delaware, circa 1918.
While the Archives Program acquires the majority of the materials contained within its collections through the Records Management Program, University Archives and Records Management is pleased to accept donations of materials related to the historical development of the University of Delaware and its predecessor institutions.

Potential donors should note the following:

  • All donations must be made outright and unconditional.
  • The University of Delaware gains full and permanent control of all donated items, together with any copyrights therein as applicable and allowable under the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).
  • The University of Delaware retains the rights to use, manage, and reproduce donated property in any manner it so chooses without obligation to the donor of that property whatsoever.
  • The donor shall not receive any goods or services from the University of Delaware in return for a donation.
If you are interested in donating items for possible inclusion within the collections administered through the Archives Program, please contact University Archives and Records Management at 302-831-2750 or A copy of our Deed of Gift form may be found here to assist you with your donation.
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