People | Summer Interns
Margaux Lopez | Summer 2012

Production Rates, Ejection Velocities, and Fluxes from Bubble-Generatred Flim and Jet Drops

Jacob Steinberg | Summer 2012

High speed imagery of spray generated by breaking waves

Madeline Foster | Summer 2011

Whitecap coverage of small wind waves

Florian Bernard | Summer 2010

Mechanics of drop impacts

Kate Foco | Summer 2010

Wave measurements under heavy rainfall.

Chelsea Hopkins | Summer 2009

Generation and measurement of Sea Spray at high wind speed.

Dewi LeBars | Summer 2008

Rain splash products and their influence of the air-sea heat flux.

Cara Tacoma | Summer 2008

Generation of Sea Spray at high wind speed

Leeanne Hazzard | Summer 2007

Outreach in Oceanography



Marc Buckley | Summer 2006 & 2007

Generation of turbulence by rainfall

Zach Vankirk | Summer 2006

Vortex generation by single drop impacts

Emily Harrison | Summer 2004

Ocean surface turbulence generated by rain and low wind speed

Florian Coant | Summer 2004

Air-flow separation over wind-generated waves

James Mueller | Summer 2003 & 2004

A Lagrangian model of sea spray transport and evaporation

Clark Paterson | Summer 2003

An experimental study of rain effects on the ocean surface

Daniel Vairet | Summer 2003

Gravity-capilary wave damping by rain-theory and experiements

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