People | DeAnna Sewell
M.S. Student, Physical Ocean Science and Engineering
  • B.S. Ocean Engineering, Florida Atlantic University, 2010
Research Interests:
Computational Fluid Dynamics | Offshore wind and water power | Hydrodynamics | Experimental and theoretical structural dynamics | Fluid-structure interactions
Contact Information:
University of Delaware
College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
210 Robinson Hall
Newark, DE 19716 USA
I am presently a Master's student in the Physical Ocean Science & Engineering program. My thesis research is involved with quantifying the hydrodynamic forces exerted on offshore wind turbine substructures via computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Being able to accurately predict how the offshore environment affects wind turbines will help the offshore wind industry more practical and reliable. I am utilizing the commercial code STAR-CCM+ to perform the simulations. This project is a collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in support of their code development. They are presently expanding the offshore modeling capabilities of their (open source) wind turbine modeling tool FAST (the offshore/hydrodynamics module is called HydroDyn).

In addition to my CFD modeling project, I also have designed and will be installing (in Feb 2012) a wind turbine tower monitoring system using accelerometers on our 80 m Gamesa G90 tower. The purpose of this project is to measure the wind turbine's response to the environment. With the collected data, I will perform a basic-structural and modal analysis and compare to a model that I created in FAST. The data will also be used to correlate with measured wind data, resulting in the ability to predict the turbine's dynamic response to any wind condition


Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory | Newark & Lewes, DE USA
Phone: 302-831-6658| Email:
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