People | Alexander Davies
Ph.D. Student, Physical Ocean Science and Engineering
  • B.S. Meteorology, Millersville University, 2010
  • B.S. Ocean Sciences and Coastal Studies, Millersville University, 2010
Research Interests:
  • Molecular and non-molecular diffusive fluxes across the air-sea interface
  • Bubble mediated gas transfer and dynamics
  • Climate change, impacts, and mitigation stratgeties
  • Science communication
Contact Information:
University of Delaware
College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
210 Robinson Hall
Newark, DE 19716 USA
My research is focused on understanding gas transfer across the atmosphere/ocean interface. The ocean is a significant sink of atmospheric CO2 and thus, a complete understand of carbon dioxide flux through the air-sea interface is a particularly pressing and time sensitive issue. However, the study of air-sea gas exchange is multifaceted as both interfacial and bubble mediated flux play an important role. For more information please see Gas Flux through Bubbly Ocean Layers.

I gradutate from Millersville University in 2010 with a BS in Meteorology and a BS in Ocean Sciences and Coastal Studies with an option in Physical Oceanography. For information about previous work, please see my personal webpage.


Air-Sea Interaction Laboratory | Newark & Lewes, DE USA
Phone: 302-831-6658| Email:
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