Dinner Meeting: March 2001

Speaker: Ray Waller, PhD
Executive Director
American Statistical Association
  Dr. Waller has been Executive Director of the ASA since November, 1995. Prior to that, he spent 19 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He also has been a professor of Statistics, Kansas State University, and has developed and presented several short courses in probability and statistics. Dr. Waller has authored and co-authored five books and numerous scientific and technical articles, including "Bayesian Reliability Analysis" (Kreiger Publishing Co., Inc.).
Topic: Statistics, the US Census, and the ASA


The ASA and statistics have shared a long history with the U.S. Census - beginning in 1839. Issues surrounding the 1840 U.S. Census was one motivator for forming the association. Many professional and technical interactions involving the ASA and the Census have occurred over the past 160 years. That history along with ASA history and current activities - education, meetings, publications, and careers - will be discussed. This talk will have an informal format with viewgraphs and an open invitation for questions during the presentation. Attendees may provide input from the chapter members regarding issues relating to ASA membership and services - value of current products and services, needs for additional or modified products and services, etc.


Thursday, March 22, 2001

Social hour -- 6:00 pm
Dinner -- 6:30 pm
Speaker -- 7:15 pm

Newark Holiday Inn
Oliver's Restaurant

Appetizer: Soup du Jour
Salad: Caesar
Entree: Boneless Chicken Breast with Bourbon Glaze
Dessert: Chocolate Parfait

If you desire a vegetarian meal, please so indicate in your RSVP.


$25 for members, $10 for students

Reservations to Joe Pultz by Monday, March 19, 2001.
302-992-2167,  joseph.a.pultz@dupontpharma.com

Please note: Be sure to RSVP by this date, to assure a meal is reserved for you.

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