Dinner Meeting: February 2000

Speaker: Vishnupriya Ivaturi
Title: The Role of the Correlation Matrix in the Prediction of an Event with Reference to the Production of Fuel Tubes


A description of the statistical analysis with reference to the response surfaces and correlation matrix of the mechanical properties and chemical analysis (at the ingot stage) of the Zircoloy fuel tubes will be discussed. It was deduced that for a maximum production of the tubes a response surface of the correlations of mechanical properties will be useful with a proper estimation of the parameters. The above discussion will be made with a touch of the concept of the "Application of statistical tools in the field of engineering", which is not entirely a new field but needs a revival. Further, the philosophy of randomness in nature and the reduction of uncertainty (probable error) in the prediction of an event (say, production of fuel tube) will be discussed which is considered to be a co-ordination work between engineers and statisticians (a get together work).


Thursday, February 10, 2000

Social hour -- 6:00 pm
Dinner -- 6:30 pm
Speaker -- 7:15 pm

Newark Holiday Inn
Oliver's Restaurant

Appetizer: Soup du jour
Salad: Tossed salad
Entree: Crab imperial, Vegetables du jour
Dessert: Strawberry parfait

$20 for members, $5 for students

Reservations to Jane Buck by Monday, February 7.
410-885-3117,  buck@count.com

Please be sure to get your reservation in on time. We cannot guarantee a dinner otherwise.

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