University of Delaware


Tasks and Priorities

  1. There are three types of tasks in your life. Think of them as properties of matter: SOLID, LIQUID, OR GAS.
    • SOLID: the task must be done-you do not control when it will be done. This includes class, work schedule, regularly-scheduled meetings, athletic practice…
    • LIQUID: the task must be done, but you control when it gets done. This includes study hours, laundry, tutoring sessions…
    • GAS: the task is entirely optional; you are free to do it or to leave it alone. This includes social get-togethers, trips to the mall…
  2. And there are three priority levels:
    • The task must be done, and it must be done NOW (due today/tomorrow).
    • The task must be done, but it's not urgent (due at a later, specified date/time).
    • The task can be done whenever (or if ever) time allows (any time—but you want to be sure it stays on your radar).